The Helvetica Base is the Swiss chapter of the Rebel Legion worldwide organisation.


Helvetica Base is the image of Switzerland. Situated in the centre of Europe, Switzerland is a place of many contrasts. With four official languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh), and around 20-25% of foreigners living in the country, Switzerland is a melting pot of cultures. So is our base, its history and its philosophy.

The Swiss Outpost of Rebel Legion was founded by three members in November 2015. Of those three members, one was German, one French and only one was Swiss. The outpost rapidly grew with more Swiss residents joining the Rebel Legion. In November 2017, after reaching 15 members, the Swiss Outpost was allowed by Rebel Legion command to become a Base, and as such we chose the name of Helvetica Base, to link to the latin name of Switzerland, often used to reach consensus between the four official languages.

Currently, we have members whose native languages are German, French or English, so you will see us use all three in our communications, or on the forums. This language “barrier” can represent a challenge, but it is one that the members of the Helvetica base are facing together, united despite the various languages as we are united despite various ways to do costuming or cosplay.